Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Understanding an addiction is a tricky thing to do, but there are signs of alcohol addiction everyone should know.  These signs are different from the alcoholic’s point of view and the loved ones of the alcoholic’s point of view; therefore you need to base your decision from each stand point.

The Signs

Signs Of Alcohol AddictionIf you are concerned you may be facing an alcohol addiction, look for the common signs that may include, but are not limited to:
•    Missing work or school due to excessive drinking that day or prior to that day
•    Increased tolerance level
•    Changes in your sleeping habits
•    Drinking under circumstances that you know are possibly deadly such as while driving
•    Having liver, kidney and abdominal pain due to excessive drinking
•    If you quit drinking for a short period of time and you begin to show signs of alcohol withdrawal
•    And selling your possessions or stealing from others to obtain more alcohol

Knowing the Signs

Knowing the signs may help save your life or your loved ones life.  To learn more about drug or alcohol rehabilitation, contact Best Drug Rehabilitation now.