Cocaine Abuse and Addiction

Cocaine Abuse and AddictionCocaine affects the central nervous system as a stimulant and causes euphoria for the user followed by extra long periods of sleep.

Cocaine Treatment Facilities

An intervention is often the first step to a residential rehabilitation facility. But there is the risk of relapsing, because of dependency. Here again, judicial courts often order treatment in an inpatient facility in order for the user to stay out of prison. Celebrities who have had problems with cocaine, among other vices, are placed in these facilities to get well. Because many now understand that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing of the individual, greater measures are taken in providing a cure.

Stressing that this drug will cause cardiac arrest that could lead to death and the risk of disease is could be a deterrent to help some avoid using these drugs; however, once addiction takes over, a combination of therapy regimens will be needed to help the addict eliminate cocaine from their system; therefore, cognitive behavioral therapy is one option. Other options include such treatment methods as group and individual counseling, nutritional guidance and family support sessions have proven to be effective.

Get Help for Cocaine Addiction

The important factor is for the user to get professional help.It won’t be easy, but our compassionate, supportive staff are trained to provide the exact level of education and guidance needed to make the process as comfortable as possible and to ensure lasting recovery from cocaine addiction.