Drug Abuse Facts

The number of addicts nationwide continues to increase daily. Drug abuse statistics report that drug related deaths now outnumber automobile accidents. Drugs of all kinds can be abused. Many are illegal, such as cocaine, heroin, and various narcotics and barbiturates. Many others are legal but are still potentially habit-forming. Methadone, for instance, is commonly used to treat heroin addiction; yet it can itself be highly addictive.

Alarming Facts

Drug abuse factsAs varied as the drugs that are abused, so are the reasons why people turn to them to “expand the mind,” for the feelings of euphoria they produce, to be like their friends who use them, to run away from troubles with work or problems with their families. Whatever the reason, they soon discover that mind-altering drugs cause problems that are worse than those that first caused them. Individuals experience withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, shakes, anxiety, muscle aches or headache if denied the drugs. Their personalities change completely; they cannot work effectively.

Knowing the Facts and Seeking Help

That is why we want to help. We offer proven residential services to addicts. With this program, clients reside temporarily in our facilities, in an environment that is not only free from the kinds of influences that lead to drug abuse and addiction, but is also highly supportive. Specially trained doctors and nurses provide around-the-clock treatment, and counselors are there to educate clients about the dangers caused by drugs. We also have support groups in which fellow addicts acknowledge their drug problems and express their resolutions to get beyond them. Our facility also provides recreation activities that give clients the opportunities to be productive and improve health.

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