interventionsInterventions are the planned sessions given by the loved ones of an addict as a way to communicate with the addict and help him or her get the treatment necessary in order to overcome an addiction that is potentially threatening their life. They are given thousands of times a week across America and can be planned only by the addict’s loved ones or by an interventionist.  An interventionist helps the addict’s family plan out the event and they actually help in convincing the addict to get help for their addiction.


The interventionist is a licensed professional equipped with experience and education to be able to handle all sorts of people and their addictions. They are present to make sure everything is going according to plan and to make sure the addict’s loved ones are not giving into his or her cries to not go to recovery.
When such an event is attempted without the help from an interventionist, they will be challenged in all sorts of ways imaginable. The addict will not want to go to treatment, most of the time, and they will continue to refuse getting help. You, as a loved one, has to give him or her an ultimatum to get help or you will no longer be present in his or her life, etc. If he or she does not listen and does not get treatment, use your ultimatum until he or she finally decides to go.

Planning is Key

These can be planned in all different locations and are performed for all kinds of addictions. If you have a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and you are interested in planning an intervention or for more information, call us toll-free.