Per Wickstrom

Possessing a story of triumph over a crippling drug and alcohol addiction, Per Wickstrom is living proof that a person who used to sleep on a crackhouse floor can become a source of inspiration and support to others who struggle with substance abuse issues. Like many addicts, Per Wickstrom experimented with drugs and alcohol in his early teens, drinking beer with friends and trying marijuana. Kicked out of his house at age 15, Mr. Wickstrom graduated to vodka and cocaine, setting the stage for a 20-year battle that strained relationships with his family and friends, depleted his finances, and left him unable to enjoy the things he used to enjoy. Although steadily employed as a roofer and, later, car salesman, Mr. Wickstrom hit rock bottom in his late 30s and sought treatment through Narconon.


Following successful completion of the program, Per Wickstrom decided to help others break the cycle of addiction and founded Stone Hawk (now A Forever Recovery), a treatment center based in Battle Creek, Michigan. With more than 6,000 addicts treated at A Forever Recovery since 2003, Mr. Wickstrom has built a solid record of care and support to residents as they face their problems with substance abuse head-on. In 2010, Mr. Wickstrom opened his latest residential treatment facility, Best Drug Rehabilitation, where he and his expert staff use a range of mental, spiritual, and physical therapies to empower people to overcome their drug and alcohol addictions. From detox and 12-step programs to individual counseling and music therapy, Best Drug Rehabilitation represents an evolution in residential treatment, offering care tailored to each person based on his or her addictions, histories, and beliefs.